Update on Road Projects;

Our annual piggy-back brining of our 51 miles of unpaved road was completed by the Rd. Comm. @ an estimated cost to the township of $ 35,530.

The paving of N. Victory Corner Rd. from Decker Rd north to south branch Lincoln River bridge is slowly progressing . The delays have been caused by underground  utility issues. ( Frontier Communications lines don’t have a consistent depth and may have to be moved)  The Rd. Comm. manager ( Wayne Schoonover)stated that the road may end up getting paved and the completion of the ditching may occur at a later date after the utility lines are moved. He assured the township that the paving would be completed this year.

The estimated cost of the paving to the township was $117614 minus a 40 % cost share from the Rd. Comm. Victory Township was able to do the project because of Hanson Rd. getting paved and the asphalt subcontractors offering Amber and Victory Townships an asphalt reduction cost from the normal $85 ton to $54 a ton( saving the township roughly $40,000 in paving costs.


8/1/2017:  Gravel has been applied from Hanson Rd. north to Fisher Rd.(6 inch base for Victory Township) The gravel base from Fisher Rd. north to south branch of Lincoln River will be completed The week of August 7th with paving to follow. (RD Comm. Estimates)



The paving of North Victory Road north from Decker Rd to the south branch of Lincoln River was completed in early Sept. The remaining tree stumps were removed and miner ditching was completed after Frontier Comm. moved their underground utility lines on the west portion of the Road.


The project will be complete after grass seeding and mulch.


Victory Corner Rd. project was completed

The Township Board is looking for any public input on future road needs,issues,possible projects for 2018 and beyond. Contact me through email or phone with your thoughts.

Jim Mazur

2018 projects

one double brine and one single brine completed

ditching and gravel Peterson Rd north of fountain completed

ditching Dennis Rd north from Fountain Rd to Beyer Rd completed

tree removal Fisher Rd west from Peterson pending


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